Reliable, Durable, And Built To Last

There’s something different about a Trane air conditioner, heat pump, furnace or air cleaner, or any of our other products for that matter. And, that’s because we’re a different kind of manufacturer.

We don’t just assemble pieces into parts and parts into air conditioners. We design our products and components using the most durable materials and the most innovative technology. We manufacture our products with the tightest specifications and the highest standards. And we test our products – over and over again.

You might say we control product quality from idea to installation. And, we’ve done that for years. You’ve probably heard the expression, “It’s Hard To Stop A Trane.” Well, now you know why.



       XR13             XB14                  XR15             XL15i             XR16

Trane Heat Pump XR13Trane Heat Pump XB14Trane Heat Pump XR15Trane Heat Pump XL15iTrane Heat Pump XR16

    XL16i               XL18i             XL20

Trane Heat Pump XL16i  Trane Heat Pump XL18iTrane Heat Pump XL20i


     XB90           XL80          XL95         XR95




    XR13           XR15

Trane Air Conditioner XR13XR15 AIR CONDITIONER



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