Glen Allen Resident:

Description Of Work: Acors H&AC was contracted to replace the heat pump, air handler, and duct work for my 2,000 square foot home.  They used York units (15 SEER / 2.5 ton heat pump with a variable speed York air handler) and the first floor and second floor were divided into two separate duct lines with damper handles to control the airflow throughout the house.  Also, the work included the installation of a low, first floor return to help keep heat move throughout the first floor during the winter.

Member Comments: Since I moved into my house five years ago, I had known my heat pump was really undersized for the house (2 ton / 10 SEER).  Nevertheless, I didn’t want to pony up the cash to replace the whole system, and, instead, I bundled up in the winter, paid repair bills on my antiquated system, and shelled out for a lot of large electric bills as well.  If you dread seeing the Auxiliary Heat kick in on your thermostat all the time, then you may know my pain.

Donnie Acors (owner of the company) is simply a fantastic person to do business with.  He came out for the quote and spent over an hour an a half crawling through my attic, closets, and looking at the units to work up the best plan for my house.  I’d gotten a number of quotes over the years (different strategies recommended by many different companies big and small), and Donnie listened to me rattle off all these various plans I’d collected in my head over the years.  He explained why some of the ideas were great, why some were a waste of money, and then he recommended his strategy, which was a combination of several of the best options with some additional twists.
Donnie worked up the quote over the weekend (came out on a Friday and had it ready on Monday).  A few days after the quote, I called back, and asked Donnie to match a higher warranty period for the labor that was offered by another company.  He was willing to match the labor warranty, and we agreed to the deal.  He then came out with his head project manager, Tim, and he took the time to take Tim through the house and show him exactly what we’d agreed to have done.
The work was done in two days.  Everyone in the crew was very nice, and they made sure to straighten up and sweep/vacuum as they went along.  All of the details that I’d specifically wanted were done accordingly to plan (i.e., moving the heat pump to the side of the house to allow room for a future deck).  Donnie came out to make sure that the installation was going according to plan, and he even grabbed a roll of reflective tape to personally make sure the downstairs return line was sealed airtight from downstairs to the upstairs.
I have completely renovated my house since I bought it in 2007, and, honestly, I’ve never had an experience that even approaches the extraordinary customer service that Acors Heating & AC provided me.  It was 30 degrees the other night, and I was almost excited to go check the thermostat and see only the fan running because the house was already at 70 degrees.  The system replacement and new duct work has made my house a cozy home versus the chilly house that it was before.
I plan to tell all my friends to use Acors Heating & AC.  If you’re looking for quality HVAC work with great customer service at a very fair price, then I recommend you choose Acors.  Thanks for all you did, Donnie!

Chesterfield Resident

Satisfaction just doesn’t describe my experience well enough. This company and people are GREAT. Member Comments: I am finishing the upper floors of a house built with my own hands 1986-88. Due to prior positive experience with Tim And Donnie moving ducts downstairs and checking an existing system serving the first floor, I asked for a bid for the new upstairs system last summer. They always make sure to meet code while pleasing the customer. They protected the existing structure & placed the outside units where and how asked, & made modifications to ducts & vents to accommodate my intentions for walls in the new space. Other contractors have created damage or done things improperly but not Acor’s. They treat you GREAT! When you come home, it’s done right. That is so comforting. I will be recommending them on my DIY site which now has >50 members primarily in the Chesterfield County area. Rock on guys!

Richmond Resident

I used Acors Air Conditioning & Heating. I last used their services within the last four months. They gave me a preventive maintenance kind of tune up and they replaced one of the broken tops for me that was caused by one of the bad contractors that I’m going to court for now. Member Comments: I highly recommend them. They are really good. They are very responsive and fairly priced. They do good work. I liked their responsiveness. They call you back and they schedule right away. The workers seemed to be good. The employees were good. They talked to me and explained things. They did the work that they told they were going to do. So they seemed to be honest. I will use their services again in the future.


Purchase and installation of air cleaner on existing Trane heat pump system. Excellent. Called 1 week, ordered and installed next week. Office and techs are very pleasant and knowledgable. Notified of arrival of team and they were on time. Received instructions and gone within time frame expected. I did not compare price with other vendors so rating B was used. Chesterfield Resident


Remove old gas furnace and replace it with a Trane 80,000 BTU gas furnace. Repair and adjust damper. They arrived on time and did all of the work efficiently, answering several questions as they worked. They spent extra time making sure that the damper worked properly and returned at no charge to adjust our thermostat.

 From a Richmond Resident: 

Acors provides yearly maintenance checks on my heating system. Acors is a great company whom also installed some heat pumps for me. I enjoy their work and enjoy them as workers. There is never a job to big or too small for these guys. They are just about as good as you can get. Trust me when I tell you that they are professional. I mean that with every ounce of breath I take.